Fleshlight LaunchPAD

Go fuck yourself iPad!

I haven’t made a post in a while but the good folks over at Fleshlight just released the LaunchPAD and I didn’t want you fuckers to miss the only iPad case you can make actual sweet love to.

I wish I could try this amazingly ridiculous product out but sadly, I’m not an iPad owner, and buying one just for the LaunchPAD is not an option because I’m ballin’ on a budget right now (and borrowing one from a friend just for this seems way to fucking weird).

How it works? You basically just attach your iPad + Fleshlight and load up your favorite porn (Or your GF on Skype? Or your fav Ted Talk? Or… whatever the fuck you get off to, no judging) and you’re good to go.

Read more about the LaunchPAD and watch the promo video (SFW, no dicks) by clicking HERE.

June 26, 2014

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