Home Made Fleshlight

Home Made Fleshlight

A while ago I posted a Home Made Fleshlight guide that got really popular, but after getting a few complaints form people having allergic reactions and what not (all though I’m sure there were no major health concerns, it was only cornstarch after all) I’ve decided to remove it completely from my website. The home made fleshlight wasn’t even that good anyway, and you could just use it once. So instead, I recommend all you amateur chemists out there to invest in a real Fleshlight instead.

I get that there are a lot of young guys out there willing to try the DIY Fleshlight anyway. But please, just buy a real one. They are shipped in super discrete plain brown packaging, nothing from the ouside will remotely resemble a Fleshlight. Rember kids, don’t be cheap, it will eventually bite you in the ass, or dick in this case.

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October 1, 2011

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