Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

Orgasm: 10/10
Texture: 10/10
Easy to clean: 7/10
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The ridiculously hot Digital Playground contract star Stoya joins the ranks of Fleshlight Girls with the release of her signature texture called Stoya Destroya. Stoya’s Fleshlight is also available with three other orifices: Mouth – with the Swallow texture, anal – with the Forbidden texture and if you’d like another vagina texture besides the Destoya, then there’s the Lotus texture.

The multi-textured Stoya Destroya starts off with a section of tiny bumps followed by a section of super soft “fangs” that are positioned in the opposite direction which sort of pulls you in with every stroke. Now, fangs might sound like a bad idea, but my dick begs to differ. The fangs actually makes this sleeve awesome. As you make it through the awesome fang-texture and enter the third chamber, you are presented with a small row of soft teeth, yeah I know, it sounds a bit off putting but again, trust me on this one. Next up, there’s even more fantastic downwards pointing fangs, following the fang-texture is a row of STU-like bumps and to finish it off there’s a Super Ribbed texture.

Stoya Destroya is super intense and feels very different compared to any of the current textures and I love it, so much so, that it has replaced my all time favorite Fleshlight, the Stamina Training Unit. Don’t get me wrong, the STU is still awesome but the Destroya is a 10/10. Yes, it’s that amazing. Like I said before, the fangs really take this sleeve to another level. So, If you’re looking for a super intense sleeve that gives you epic orgasms each and every fucking time, then this is the sleeve to buy.

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    Also available:
    Forbidden – Stoya’s anal sleeve.
    Swallow – Stoya’s swallow sleeve.
    Lotus – Stoya’s other pussy sleeve.
    March 5, 2011


    1. I just ordered mine yesterday, can’t wait!

    2. a friend is getting me this for a present, should i get the destroya or the stu?

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